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A Letter from the CEO of Paraco Gas

An Open Letter to the Customers of Paraco Gas:

We hope this letter finds you well and safe with your power fully restored from the massive destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused to the tri-state area. This historic storm brought devastation in both its fury and its aftermath. Because Paraco Gas anticipated a very destructive weather event, we were fully prepared and ready to respond; however, the severity of this storm truly was beyond what we or any company could have foreseen or expected.

I am proud to share with you the dedication and efforts of Paraco’s 300 employees.

Over the course of a seven-day period, we received over 50,000 phone calls and 2,000 e-mails, more than six times our normal volume. We suffered severe damage and lost power at three of our operating locations. Our employees were all affected, and many experienced personal loss or damage to their own property. Many of them were unable to find fuel for their personal vehicles, and we had to transport fuel to our sites in order to get our employees to work to meet customer phone and delivery requests.

Yet, despite these circumstances, we gave our absolute best effort during this crisis and learned many valuable lessons that will better prepare our response should we ever be faced with such a catastrophic event again. I am proud of the initiative shown and the efforts made by every one of our employees.

Paraco’s emergency response plan was implemented and executed very well.

• Our drivers worked continuous days and long hours navigating obstructed and dangerous road and property conditions

.• We expanded our Customer Service hours from 7 AM to midnight, seven days a week.

• Customer service representatives handled the tremendous call volume and customer demand with a positive and supportive attitude.

• The logistics team coordinated gasoline and diesel deliveries to ensure our trucks had ample fuel to avoid delivery interruptions and that there was an uninterrupted supply of propane at our storage plants despite railroad delays and road closures.

• Our MIS team worked with local telephone utilities, rerouting downed phone lines to our backup call centers.

• We updated our website to communicate Sandy-related information.

• We made deliveries to 14,000 of our customers affected by the storm

.• We experienced a customer run-out percentage of less than 2%.

• The safety department ensured that, despite the tremendous pace at which we operated, we never sacrificed safety in any aspect of our business.

We are especially proud of our servicemen who immediately responded to floating and dislodged propane tanks, safely disconnected service as needed and secured wayward tanks.

We realize that no matter what effort we put forward, we will never meet the expectations of every single customer; however, we are truly proud of our effort and thank all of our customers for your patience and understanding during this crisis. We also thank those of you who took the time to thank us for our efforts. Your kind words were much appreciated.

As CEO of Paraco Gas, while I am thankful for the outstanding effort made by our entire team, I am also committed to learning how we can improve our response. I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have on how we measured up to your expectations in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Please send your feedback to

In an effort to better serve you in the future, we have mailed reply cards requesting contact and account information that will help us maintain communication during power loss situations. Please fill them out and return them to us. Or, log in to MyAccount on the website and update your emergency contact information there.

We appreciate the opportunity to service your account, and you have my commitment that we will always work hard to earn your good faith!

Thank you,

Joseph Armentano
Chief Executive Officer

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