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Customer Reviews

Mohammed assisted me in gathering information for making an informed decision to remain with Paraco. He is one of the best Customer Representatives I have ever encountered.
– Bonny Jean Forte

Candice was by far the nicest person I have ever spoken to at your company. Not only was she extremely helpful she did it with professionalism and treated me like I was your only customer. You need to have more people like her answering your phones….she deserves a thank you!!
– Ted Klahr

George was pleasant and patient with my questions. He helped me with my credit balance and the upcoming pre pay plan and also to allow me to get a delivery with the better price. Excellent customer service, George, thank you
– Christine Rupolo

I was very impressed with Steven Taylor sales rep.Aalso your technician Charles Park, and also Erika, who provided us very professional, courteous service and would highly recommend Paraco Gas. I must add your technician, Charles Park, made this a great experience and he is a priceless asset.
– John Quinn

I was so pleased with Ashley’s assistance. I had gas fumes in my home, a low tank, no heat, and within an hour I had someone at my house who resolved ALL these issues, made sure I had enough gas to get to the next day, and then sent along a truck to fill my tanks on Sunday. EXCELLENT Service by both Ashley and the On Call Tech (he was great too!). Thank you Paraco.
– Nancy Cross

Ashley is an outstanding, knowledgeable customer service rep. She is patient and cooperative and helped resolve all my issues. A pleasure to do business with her!
– Gene Streim

Lilly is an asset to your company! She is very professional, polite & very personable. She really sold us on your company. Very company oriented. It was our pleasure to have her speak with us! Happy to be your customers!!
– Maryann Bate

“I don’t remember who my rep was, but she was great!”
-Marc Scheff

“Very humorous and friendly.”
-Kimberly Carsley

“I have been with your company since the very beginning. All previous reps were good but Desiree Derico is by far and away the best experience of all!!”
-Bernard DeGregorio

“Angela is a great representative for your company and was a pleasure to deal with.”
-Philip Schifin

“Mohammad was very helpful and Linda was particularly helpful and it was very nice that she remembered speaking to me previously. The first lady I spoke with connected me to Mohammad right away when I asked to speak with a supervisor. That was also very good.”
-Jayne Jamison

“Desiree went well beyond her customer service duties as she personally handled my account as if I were a part of her family. She was kind, thorough, and knowledgeable and spent as much time as needed until my issues were resolved. A+++ service!”
-Valerie Virga

“I have noticed a change for the better with attitude and helpfulness. In the past, Paraco was perceived negatively because of customer service. I am happy to say that is no longer the case. Congratulations!”
-Phyllis Clarke

“Lilly was courteous, efficient, helpful, patient and friendly. We have several accounts with Paraco and she happily took the time to assist me with all of them.”
-Jean Kaufman

“She was fabulous and helped me get the best rate for our family’s needs.”
-Anne Marie Corbett

“The people on your line have always been very helpful always pleasant and a pleasure to talk to. Thank you.”
-James Cappellino

“I was very happy to talk to my customer service representative who was friendly, courteous and took the time to answer my questions. She explained everything clearly. I didn’t feel rushed and got the feeling that “Paraco” was interested in me, the customer. Thank you.”
-Lois Leonard

“I am very satisfied with me new gas company. They truly do what they can to make their customers satisfied. My prior company was awful.”
-Diana Porti

“In our recent emergency on the smell of gas your people were here immediately. Thank you.”
-Gerald Starr

“I expected CS to be exactly the way it was. Good.”
-John Brocker

“My situation was immediately resolved by Chris.”
-Leonard Ward

“This was my first time dealing with Paraco. My service was switched over from Amerigas. I found the service to be friendlier and more professional.”
-Abraham Jacobs

“Everyone from Customer Service to the drivers are the best. I love how thoughtful & helpful and most of all everyone is so pleasant!! Have a really nice day. Company is very fortunate to have the employees they have.”
-Laurie Lopresti

“Since you have taken over the services have been faster and clearly more courteous.”
-Ann Dam

“Very friendly people in your office, thank you so much for your help!”
-William Bess, Jr

“Very happy with Paraco service and Linda was pleasant.”
-Thanit Tubcharoen


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