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Lock In Your Propane Price for 2013-2014

Budgeting for your yearly propane usage may not rank as one of your favorite activities.

The word budget itself can make many homeowners cringe.

We completely understand.

We'd like to help make the process as quick and painless as possible with our easy Fixed Rate program. Instead of wondering what the price of propane will do this coming winter, you can lock in at today's rate for the coming heating season. 

We'll take a look at your usage for this past year (considered a "normal" year by Northeast standards!) and allow you to lock in your rate on up to 100% of your previous year's gallons. Then, you can take advantage of one of our two payment options:

Pre-Buy Option: This option requires a one-time payment for the total number of gallons that you select. Make one quick and easy payment and it's done.*

Budget Option: This option allows you to spread your payments out over up to six months (depending on the date that you sign the contract.). A few easy payments at a fixed rate and, again... quick, easy, and done.*

Lock in your price today, and then you can cross "propane budgeting" off your To-Do list for another year! 

*Both programs require sign-up through the MyAccount section of our website. An administrative fee of $49.99 is required for the program; homeowners signing up through MyAccount by June 15 will receive $20 off this fee. Sales taxes and Environmental Compliance Charges still apply to each delivery. 400 gallon minimum applies. 

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