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Preparing Your Thanksgiving Feast Outdoors


Is preparing the Thanksgiving meal synonymous with slaving away in the kitchen all day for you?

It may be the way you've always done it, but more and more are stepping away from the kitchen to prepare the holiday feast.

According to the 2011 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), 62 percent of consumers are cooking outdoors year-round, and 15 percent are cooking at least part of their Thanksgiving meals outside (up from 9 percent in 2009).

Leslie Wheeler, HPBA Communications Director, says "As the popularity of year-round cooking continues to grow, so does our appetite to try new techniques, gadgets and recipes - even for Thanksgiving." She urges consumers to "be adventurous and try cooking your turkey and classic side dishes outside for a convenient, flavorful and healthy way to prepare your holiday feast."

Consumers interviewed by HPBA said that they choose to cook outdoors because the food is more flavorful, it costs less than eating out, it's a healthier way to prepare their food, and it takes less time to prepare than oven recipes.

Sherrie Rosenblatt of the National Turkey Federation (NTF) agrees. "With an estimated 46 million turkeys being cooked this holiday season, Americans are continuously looking for ways to reinvent their Thanksgiving feasts," she says. " Turkeys can be fried, smoked, or even grilled to add a new twist on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey."

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