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Propane Lawn Mowers: Efficient and Environmentally Friendly


Propane... for your lawn mower?

Absolutely! It's an efficient, environmentally-friendly, AND less expensive fueling option... and it's already fueling thousands of mowers across the country!

Landscaping contractors have been quick to adopt propane as their fuel of choice. As the price of gasoline has continued to rise, many have looked for other options to help them maintain profitability. To their surprise, propane has offered them benefits beyond the fuel savings. Here are a few of the other reasons that they're finding to make the switch to propane:

: The Propane Education and Research Council, in an effort to further increase the use of propane-powered mowers, has been offering its Propane Mower Incentive Program to companies who either purchase new propane-fueled commercial mowers or convert qualified existing mowers to run on propane. In exchange for their feedback about the performance and cost savings realized from the mowers over the course of one mowing season, PERC is providing $1000 toward the purchase of the new mowers and $500 toward the conversions. The incentives can be applied toward up to 25 mowers per applicant.

Because the refueling process simply consists of swapping out the propane cylinder, crews can quickly and easily refuel their mowers wherever they are. Because propane is a closed-fuel system, spillage is also avoided and there is no loss during the refueling process. Downtime and waste are both minimized, contributing to the bottom line of the landscaping contractor.

Environmentally Friendly
: If there's an industry that should be aligning themselves with the "green" movement, it's the landscaping industry! Producing 26% less greenhouse gas emissions and 60% less carbon monoxide than their gasoline or diesel counterparts, propane mowers offer a more environmentally-friendly option to this market.

: Propane provides consistent, steady performance throughout the day. Feedback already collected through the incentive program research confirms that contractors are noticing no difference in the performance of the propane-powered mowers versus the gasoline powered mowers that they had used in the past.

: Propane is abundantly available and made in the U.S.A. Over 98% of the propane that is used for propane mowers is produced domestically. Fueling with propane helps to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil, which ranks high on the priority list of many in this country.

Lower Fuel Costs
: And we've saved the best for last! In addition to all of the benefits we've listed above, propane costs less too! It's less expensive than either gasoline or diesel, and landscapers currently using propane are reporting cost savings of $20-$30 per day, per mower! Add that up over the course of a mowing season!

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of mowing with propane, let us know! We work with landscaping companies nationwide and would be happy to help you make the switch, too! Request information about using Propane for Mowers here!

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