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Put Safety First When Storing Propane Gas Bottles

If you are new to using propane gas cylinders to fuel your barbeque grill or outdoor fire pit, the issue of safe storage of the bottles when they are not in use is paramount and cannot be overstated.

As a responsible propane gas consumer, you want to ensure the safety of your home and family as well as your own. If you live in a seasonal climate where cold weather has ended the outdoor grilling activities and you’re packing up the grill for the winter, take the time to ensure that you know where and how to store the propane gas cylinders for the grill when not in use.


First and foremost: never store propane gas cylinders inside your house or garage.

Secondly, make sure to store them in a well-ventilated area, and away from any flammable or combustible materials. When selecting your outdoor storage location, make sure it is free of elements such as dampness and mud, or any place where water might accumulate. Such conditions could cause rust or pitting which would make the cylinder useless.

The propane cylinder should be stored on a firm surface such as concrete and away from any potential source of ignition.


The position of stored propane gas cylinders is just as important as location. They must always be positioned vertically upright so that their relief valve is in direct communication with the vapor space of the container.

Further, the relief valve should be pointed away from anything that escaping propane gas could come in contact with, minimizing the risk of causing a fire or accident. If you store the cylinders on their sides with the relief valve in contact with propane liquid and the safety relief valve opens for any reason, the liquid will escape (instead of vapor), posing a much greater safety risk.


Surely no one can dispute the benefits of using propane gas to fuel the barbeque grill. They heat up faster than a charcoal grill, they are cleaner (no messy ash and charcoal debris to dispose of), and propane gas does not give off toxic air pollutants as charcoal does. Switching to propane for the grill or outdoor fire pit is one of the quickest and easiest ways to “go green” and preserve the environment.

To help you go green with propane and get advice on safety and storage of propane gas cylinders, let the experts at Paraco Gas assist you with making your experience enjoyable, responsible and safe. Every one of our employees undergoes rigorous safety training to help customers prevent injuries and accidents.

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