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Sample Propane Tank Sizes

The following are samples of some of our most commonly used tanks. Please note that although we list what each tank is commonly used for, this may vary. Please discuss your needs with your Paraco Gas Sales Professional.

Also, please note that all above-ground tanks provided by Paraco Gas are white; underground tanks may vary in color.


    56-Gallon Tank (AKA 200 lb.)
  • Commonly installed for residential cooking and clothes drying
  • Size: vertically placed, approximately 43" in height and 24" in diameter
  • Holds approximately 48 gallons of propane


     120-Gallon Tank (AKA 420 lb.)

  • Commonly installed for residential hot water or space heating, also used for pool heat
  • Sizes: vertically placed, approximately 54.4" in height and 30" in diameter
  • Holds approximately 100 gallons of propane
  • Provides sufficient storage if you add a stove, fireplace or clothes dryer


  250-Gallon Tank

  • Commonly installed for generators, pool heat and various combinations of appliances
  • Size: horizontally placed, approximately 7'10" long and 30" in diameter
  • Holds approximately 200 gallons of propane


  500-Gallon Tank

  • Commonly installed for central heating and small commercial appliances; also used for pool heat
  • Size: horizontally placed, approximately 9'11" long and 37-1/2" in diameter
  • Holds approximately 400 gallons of propane


   1000-Gallon Tank

  • Commonly installed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Sizes: horizontally placed, approximately 16' 2" long and 41" in diameter
  • Holds approximately 850 gallons of propane
  • Large commercial and industrial installations may require multiple 1,000-gallon tanks

To find out more about which tank size is right for your home or business, please contact us.

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