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Virginia County Converts Fleet Vehicles to Propane Autogas

Spotsylvania County in Virgina recently converted 20 sheriff's cruisers and four school district trucks to run on propane autogas.

Working with Alliance Autogas and the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program, the county converted 20 Crown Victorias, two Chevrolet 2500s, one Ford E-250 and one GMC 2500.

In addition, they installed a fueling station which will accommodate the refueling of these vehicles along with five school buses already running on propane autogas.

Citing a savings of $1.88 per gallon for propane autogas over gasoline, the county expects to save over $70,000 in fuel costs annually on the additional 24 vehicles.

They expect to recoup the cost of the parts and labor for the conversions in under two and a half years.

Craig Greenlaw, director of fleet services for Spotsylvania County, says of the conversions:
"I would tell any fleet interested in transitioning its fleet from gasoline, if you want a proven technology that reduces emissions and fuel costs, then propane autogas will be a great fuel for you."

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