Fireplace Maintenance Tips & Safety You Don’t Want to Ignore

December 4, 2018
Fireplace Maintenance

Your gas-burning fireplace is a real convenience and, compared to wood burning, has a low maintenance factor. Like any other appliance, to keep it running safely and efficiently, we highly recommend it be serviced yearly. 

Several potential problems can occur with any type of fireplace and chimney. The most common are:

Debris Buildup

Things like ceramic logs can deteriorate and clog vents.  And if the exterior chimney has a cracked crown or if the mortar joints are in poor condition, moisture can enter the chimney system and cause the flue tiles to break off and fall into the hearth.  To be ready for another year of safe and pleasurable use, the entire fireplace should be cleaned, including any residue from the glass doors, inside and out. 


Never take for granted that the equipment in a gas fireplace is fully operational. Over time, valves and connections weaken and could develop leaks. Thermopile and thermocouple could be worn and/or need cleaning. The ceramic logs should be checked to ensure they are properly placed and in working condition.

Gas fireplaces are susceptible to explosions and sudden fires if there are any leaks or malfunctions. One problem that occurs is that the pilot light is on and the gas turned to the “on” position, but the fireplace isn’t operating. People have been injured by standing in front of gas fireplaces when broken glass is thrust outward due to a malfunction.


Falling debris and animals such as birds looking to build a nest, can get into your chimney and block proper ventilation for your gas fireplace.  Even though gas fireplaces burn clean, the structure still needs to be inspected annually. Moisture problems can cause the chimney to deteriorate and fail to function properly. If air moves through the chimney through cracks, the ventilation system will not work properly, potentially exposing your family to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s essential that the chimney work properly to prevent dangerous fumes from entering your home. 


Any type of open combustion system has the potential to cause house fires. Gas fireplaces should be treated with the same level of awareness and respect as wood-burning fireplaces, including annual cleanings and inspections.

Other Safety Reminders

The glass doors on your fireplace can get as hot as 400 degrees Fahrenheit which could cause serious injury if touched. And it takes about 45 minutes for the glass doors to cool enough to touch after the gas fire is out. Children should be informed about the danger and a screen with childproof barriers should be installed if there are small children in the house.

We can help you with your annual fireplace servicing. Simply contact your closest Paraco facility, call our toll free customer service line at 1- (800) 647-4427 Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm, or email us at contactus@paracogas.com