Kite Flight – What a Sight!

August 14, 2018
Paraco Kite Fly Day

Dan’s 46th annual kite fly, a top-50 family activity during Long Island’s summer season, was a breezy success.  Paraco, a sponsor to the event, was there at Sagg Beach, with lots of other spectators and participants enjoying a perfectly sunny, summer Sunday afternoon, watching and flying colorful kites that frolicked and speckled the clear blue sky above.

More than 200 participants of all ages flew over 100 kites of all shapes, sizes and themes, vying for contest placements of highest kite, most colorful, best handmade, and most popular theme.  Along with the Paraco kite, assorted Disney characters, scary skeletons, a hula girl, animals including a Pellican, and the Millennium Falcon all soared above in a vibrantly radiant and showy display.

Paraco wanted to make sure all attendees had a chance to grab a Paraco swag bag with its very own Paraco kite, frizbee, mini beach ball, rubber duck, stress tank and coupon for free propane or $5-off a bbq tank!  Over 175 swag bags were handed out throughout the fun-loving, carefree afternoon.

The rhythms of play on a picture perfect day!