Paraco’s Christina Armentano Celebrated – Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Paraco’s very own Christina Armentano, Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development was acknowledged in Westchester Magazine as one of the new generation’s industrious women executives following in their father’s footsteps.  A dynamic member of the Executive team, Christina is accountable for creating growth opportunity aligned with the company’s overall corporate strategy, deploying tactical acquisitions as a strategic tool for transforming the business.

On May 14th, Kanopi at the Ritz Carlton Westchester in White Plains, New York received several prominent, local business heads and their daughters to candidly discuss the pros and cons of working with a close relative, setbacks experienced, and what it takes to successfully keep a business in the family.

Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of BCW said the event was a “watershed moment” adding that this year’s program was particularly unusual because the guests were “leaders of major family businesses whose daughters have become part of the business in a very integral way”. 

Get details of the interesting perspectives at: http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Blogs/914INC-Incoming/May-2018/Daughters-BCW-Local-Business-Leaders-Ritz/