“Polar Vortex” Affecting U.S. Propane Supply"

Polar Vortex_U.S. Propane Supply"

Propane inventories of all heating energy sources – including propane – are running at historic lows. The unprecedented demand for propane has been driven by an unusually late and wet crop season in the Midwest in the fall followed by high demand for home heating gas due to the lowest sustained temperatures since the 1970s.

Many propane marketers are now searching for product as far away as Washington State. The limited supply and large demand has caused propane prices to increase significantly in the past six months, and experts are unsure of where prices may head from here.

Paraco is positioned well due to our various pre-arranged supply agreements and we anticipate no shortages for our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the price moving forward, but we are making every effort to keep our customers price as low as possible in this volatile environment, and you have our promise that we will do everything possible to ensure the propane supply for your home or business continues without interruption.