Weather Preparedness For Upcoming Winter Storm


This winter we’ve experienced frigid temperatures and extreme amounts of snow. After receiving the pummeling we have this winter, it’s sometimes easy to take for granted the havoc that winter storms can create in our home and life.

We’d like to take time to provide resources and touch on a few points of interest surrounding proper care of your propane tanks, steps to ensure your propane deliveries occur on time, and preparedness tips for major snowfall.

Ensure Timely Propane Deliveries

To make certain that the Paraco team is able to access your home’s propane tank, we ask that you keep your driveway and a path to your propane tank as clear as possible of snow accumulation.
Further, to safeguard that your home does not run out of propane during Winter Storms and their after effects, we ask customers to please call us at 800.647.4427 to schedule a propane delivery if your propane gas gauge reaches 25-35%. You may also schedule a delivery by logging into your account on www.ParacoGas.com. If your home is currently set up with Tank Butler®, we will optimally and virtually schedule your next propane delivery.

Propane Safety During Power Outages

In the event that your home loses power during Winter Storms, please mind the following 3 tips in regards to propane safety.

  • Never use a propane grill indoors.
  • Never use propane stoves or ovens for space heating purposes.
  • If you smell gas, leave immediately. Then, call 911.

For more valuable safety information, please visit our page, Power Outages and Propane Safety: What You Need to Know.

Propane Safety Before, During, and After a Winter Storm

A vigilant eye on the winter weather is the key to keeping your family safe. While Winter Storm Rex approaches and moves through our area, please take a few moments to review our propane tips for high snowfall areas.

Please stay safe today! If you’re seeking more resources of weather preparedness and propane safety, please visit our blog.